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How to Cook African Food-Homemade Pepper Sauce

I love all my food with a little  kick and as such my home is always replete with pepper sauces from the very simple to the more complex. These  can be used as a dip, condiment or  just plain sauce. In my home country Ghana, pepper sauce is an essential partner for banku, grilled meat , grilled tilapia, fried yams, kenkey , white rice, eggs or simply great with any food. There is just something about pepper sauce that takes a dish from bland, boring to flavorful and enjoyable. As you might have guessed pepper sauce is sparkingly hot because of the refreshing taste of the hot pepper used in the blend. Today I will provide a recipe for the very simple that is extremely  easy to make.

The ingredients varies for each palate but one thing is constant, – Hot pepper .There are many kinds of pepper you can use in this sauce; habenera, scotch bonnet, chili. I do prefer scotch bonnet – but habaneros work fine as well. It takes a few minutes to make and voila, it is ready to be enjoyed.

The basic ingredients usually consists of  pepper, salt, onions, and fresh tomatoes. I love to add a dash of ginger for an extra kick and flavor.




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