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How To Cook African Food – How It All Began

My husband Isaac and I have a passion for sharing our love for African food which all started with a dream and a passion for food. “Our families come from Ghana, West Africa; and we have lived on three continents: Africa, Europe and now North America. Chef Isaac has been in the food business from his childhood, learning first from his mother, Martha, about different foods and the way they promote healing and health. Martha was known in her village as a healer, using herbs, spices, dried fruits, and vegetables as healing elements in the body. Isaac learned marvelous things about using these spices and flavorings from her priceless legacy of tried and true wisdom, delivered with a caring heart. He always uses foods for health and healing and is pleased to bring you authentic African recipes that have survived in his family for generations.

Kalahari Foods, MN began in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and was born out of our love for cooking, using authentic flavors that spoke of our homeland. What started out as a way to bring our friends and neighbors together around food has turned into a premier source of exquisite, delicious authentic food in this area. Today, we continue to gather diverse groups of people together around authentic flavors of our heritage and those from other parts of the globe.

If you want to book my service as a caterer for any kind of occasion, kindly checkout Kalahari Foods, MN . Kalahari Foods brings people together through authentic local and international dishes. We sell the best dishes and provide the best catering services for individuals, families, organizations and events.

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