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Why I Write

Why Rosemond Writes

Why I write. I love languages. I am a linguist who loves making words come to life whether in the written or spoken form. I have always wondered why I was born. Why did God make me? What is my purpose here on earth? In addition to that, I had my struggles in life and I often wondered why? Why me? In all my years of schooling, I met many kids from well to families and I always wanted to be like them. Somehow, I had a joy within me that could never be quenched no matter what transpired in my life. With time, I put it all together, the immense suffering, the indomitable spirit, the unspeakable joy were all for a purpose. It dawned on me that I was the reservoir. That in time to come, I would be that source of hope, encouragement, and inspiration for many. I came to this conclusion by accident. I came to the realization that I made people laugh even when I didn’t mean to or that the words I said encouraged others a lot. It was then that I decided to be intentional about my actions and especially my speech. It is also the reason why I write and use my media platforms to inspire and encourage others. I see that many are hungry for inspiration and encouragement as our world becomes more and more cynical. And it is the reason why I became a CEO, Chief Encouragement Officer.

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